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Visit visa for 1 month

If you are looking forward to planning a visit to UAE, you are exactly in the right place. One month visit visa for UAE is mostly useful for tourists and one time visitors.
It is a single entry visa and the maximum number of days that you can live in UAE under this visa is 30. You can plan your visit within the 59 days of getting a visa.
We would provide you with all the services that you need in order to apply for this 1-month visit visa. You have to get the required documents completed and rest is our responsibility.
USH international is the name of the trust that will make the whole process very easy and comfortable for you. We are your best partners in providing all the solutions to your traveling related problems.

Visit visa for 3 months

Visiting Dubai for business purpose require a multiple entry visa. 90 days visit visa is the best solution to this problem. It is relatively expensive than the one month visa but you will be allowed to have multiple entries in the country.
You have to enter UAE within 59 days after getting the 90 days visit visa and say there for 3 months complete. All you need to have is a valid passport and some photographs; rest is done by our expert team, making sure that you get all the services without any effort.
From collecting the documents to filling the forms and applying for the visa, we would be there with you. Our team will guide you at every step and make the process even easier for you to follow.

Travel and tourism

Dubai is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of all. It has tall buildings with beautiful river banks, yachts, theme parks and much more. It is the finest and most luxurious place to spend your vacations in.
You will find the best activities to do in UAE. The beautiful beaches of Dubai are one of the most visited holiday destinations. If you are planning to have a good time UAE is the place you have been looking for.
We would help you out in planning your trip to this dream country with all the logistical preparations done just right. We would guide you at every step; from finding the best accommodation to planning the places to visit we will be there for you.
Get ready to explore the beauty of Dubai with the best travel packages that you can get.

Health insurance

When you have to apply for a visa to UAE it is mandatory to have a health insurance worth AED 150,000. You can get a travel health insurance as well. Without this health insurance, you would not be allowed to enter the country, this is reason enough to understand the importance of health insurance before visiting UAE.
We have the best health insurance options for you including travel health insurance packages making sure that you visit UAE without any barriers in your way. You will have different packages that are provided by the two main companies of UAE.
For a 30 days visit visa you will need AED 40, for 3 months visa you will need AED 90 and for multiple entry visa for 180 days the price would be around AED 185. We will be your partner helping you complete all the processes duly in time.

Rental Property

Whether you are looking for office space to work in or a residential apartment in UAE, we have all the right solutions for you. We offer a wide variety of choices and packages for you, making sure you find the best rental property that suits you the most.
After you have selected the property we will make sure to take care of all the necessary steps that need to be done. From setting up a meeting with your landlords and tenants to the preparation of legal documentation, everything would be done with you having complete peace of mind. Sit back and relax because we are here to make things easier for you.

Tax Services

Laws are a complicated thing and they keep on changing, keeping a track of your tax laws and complying with them might divert your attention from your real business activities. So here we are to help you out of it. We have a team of experts to take care of all your taxation related problems and making sure everything is done without making you worried at all.
We will provide you services from the beginning till the end. From auditing to the preparation of documents and keeping a record of your tax returns, Business in UAE would never have felt so easy ever before. You do your work while we have your back to take care of the taxes and other liabilities; we are the company that you need in your life.