Shams Fee Zone Company Setup for importing whole sale household goods

Shams free zone company setup for importing whole sale household goods

UAE has always been very welcoming and supportive towards the international businesses and investments. It is the keen interest of the government and authorities of UAE in the incoming foreign investments that with the passage of time more and more facilities are being provided to the investors. This is leading to an influx of a lot off businesses and hence the people in UAE. The quality of life of the people living in UAE is better than many third world countries and hence another very potential business that happens in UAE is the whole sale of household goods. There are many types of household items that are imported in UAE apart from the ones that are manufactured in the country. Some of the potential imported items are as follows.

There is a huge market for electronic kitchen items in UAE. From juicers to grinders and blenders are in demand almost all the time. There are many well-known companies and manufacturers who are producing these appliances in UAE too but the demand for the products of already famous and reliable companies is always there. Apart from these, microwave ovens, baking ovens and electric stoves are also widely imported in UAE. Shams free zone company setup is mostly helping the whole sale importers who then forward their products to the retailers in mainland and other potentially good market areas.

Some of the very usual things that have a good demand in UAE are the cleaning equipment, from electrical vacuum cleaners to the simple mops and brooms, businesses are earning a good fortune by importing quality products from their homelands mostly. Some companies that import daily household utensils are also interested Shams free zone company setup, not only because it is a hub for such importers and manufacturers but also because it is an area full of opportunities and easy working facilities for the people.

There are many furniture manufacturers that have ownership of Shams free zone company setup but the scope of importing state of the art international furniture is not any lesser. Some countries for example Pakistan have a good production of good quality wood. Walnut tree wood is abundant in the country and they have a good culture of wood carving and esthetically pleasing furniture that is a piece of art in itself. Such things are relatively very cheap in their mother country but have a luxury value in UAE because of the delicate art work that is put into the making of this furniture. So the potential profits and margins in importing aesthetic household items are very high.

All these daily house hold items are imported in bulk and then transported to the retailers. The main benefit to have a business setup in Shams free zone as an importer of daily household items is the working benefits in a free zone of UAE with 100% ownership of all the profits you make and easy repatriation of your money. This is yet another booming market that should be considered by anyone who has something different to offer.

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