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Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

For all the investors looking forward to invest their money in a beneficial and more rewarding way, offshore company formation in Dubai, UAE is probably the best way out. Businesses who want to expand their access to the international market, the legal barriers often hinder the best possible profit generation for them but Dubai provides them with a more stable and business-friendly legal system with developed and strong currency and economy that every investor craves for.

Offshore Company Significant Benefits:

Offshore company formation opens the gates to more malleable regulatory regime and makes international funding in their ventures even more easily accessible. The businessmen find an investment mechanism since they get benefits like tax neutrality on company income and capital gains along with easier taxes on personal gains and lesser inheritance taxes especially with a bonus of increased protection of assets like intellectual properties from the operating bodies.

One of the other attractions foreign investors can focus on while planning company formation in UAE is the manageable way of keeping your money safe by opening multi-currency accounts for their offshore companies in UAE and carry out their business internationally. The Offshore company does not provide the investor to have residence in United Arab Emirates it is a fascinating way of channeling your money for better profit generation with little to no hardcore tax laws. But according to the local company laws it is a mandatory requirement for the investor to appoint an approved registered agent and they can get help in this regard from Sovereign Corporate Services which is an approved agency. At the same time there are certain schemes for offshore company formation in UAE like an offshore company registered in JAFZA, where the investor can have 100% ownership of the offshore company too. Hence there are plenty of options to choose from and all of them have their own pros and cons.

Offshore Company Formation Benefits

• Bank Account
• Asset protection
• Privacy & Anonymity
• Privacy & Anonymity
• Tax Benefits
• Legal Protection
• Invoicing Internationally
• Low operational Cost

Why USH International for Offshore formation

• Confidentiality & Privacy
• No hidden charges
• Dedicated Offshore Consultant
• Register Agent with key Offshore Authorities
• 10 years of market reliability

Main Business Activities for Offshore formation

• Investment Holding
• Consultancy Services
• International General Trading
• Property Holding