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Costs and requirements of getting licenses in Ajman free zone:

Starting up a business in UAE is like a dream come true. If you have a perfect business plan in your mind that you want to execute, this is the time you do it. USH international makes sure that the business setup is made easy for new entrepreneurs moving to UAE. The most tiresome task is getting a business license in UAE. In this blog we will provide you will all the information you need about getting one visa and two visa license packages in Ajman free zone. USH international will make sure to guide you through every step making this journey easy and fun for you.

Requirements for visa packages:

If you are looking forward to get license for a new startup in Ajman free zone, you need to get some documentation ready, so that USH international can prepare your application in a better way. Following are the things that you would need to assemble before you get started with the process.

  • Proposed trade names for the company.
  • Colored copy of the shareholder’s passport
  • Passport size photograph of Shareholder
  • Copy of UAE Residence Visa / UAE Entry Page
  • Current dated Residence Proof of Shareholder

Costs of Company formation:

The costs and prices of the license are broken down by us making it easier for the clients to pick and choose what they want. There are different packages available for the convenience of the businessmen to decide what they want. Details of one visa and two visa packages are as under,

One visa Package:

Making things easier for our clients we provide easier solutions like instalments facility and try to accommodate you in the best way that we can. To get the detailed information about all the services that we provide contact USH international office. Following are the detailed cost of all the fees that you have to pay for one visa package.

Name Approval Fee   AED 510.00
License Registration Fee  (Including Business Centre Office)AED 12,900.00
Company Formation Charges Including VATAED 3,500.00
Security Approval from ImmigrationAED 600.00
 Establishment CardN/A
Total Company Establishment Cost AED 17,510


This package includes services like approval of your company name. You will own a company and would have the copy rights for the name that you choose. You will get a trading license for your business making it work smoothly. You will get access to a lease agreement and a business center office. The package also includes a certificate from chamber of commerce and an establishment card. Along with all these you can get one visa as well.

Making your experience with USH international better, we will provide you with some other services as well. If you get our package a complementary set of 100 business cards and a company stamp will be provided by us. Along with that we will provide you free domain name registration service as well. This is the best place for you to get all your affairs dealt with.

Two visa Package:

In our two visa package, not only you will get all the services of the one visa package, we will also provide you with visas for two people under the package cost. Following is a detailed breakdown of the cost that you have to pay for an Ajman free zone company.

Name Approval Fee   AED 510.00
License Registration Fee  (Including Flexi-Desk)AED 22,985.00
Company Formation Charges Including VATAED 3,500.00
Security Approval from ImmigrationAED 600.00
Establishment CardN/A
Total Company Establishment Cost AED 27,595


Along with all the services of one visa package, we will also provide you with flexi desk and 2 visa allocations. All the complementary services will be provided in this package as well.

Visa related costs:

To get each of the visa you have to pay certain fees as well, following is the detailed cost of getting a visa and mandatory services for visa eligibility.

E-channel Registration AED 2,110.00
E-channel Refundable Deposit AED 5,110.00


Investor Visa  (3 Years)AED 4,250.00 (Normal)AED 4,750.00  (Urgent)
Employee Visa (2 Years)AED 4,540.00 (Normal)AED 5,040.00  (Urgent)


Other costs for making sure that you are eligible for the visa include the following,

MedicalAED  450.00  (Normal)AED  950.00  (Urgent)
Emirates IDAED  271.00  (2 Year)AED 371.00   (3 Year)


Our premium package:

To make things easier for you, USH international provides you with a premium package to choose.  This package include fast track PRO services for your business making your setup easier to manage from the very beginning. Not only we will deliver all the documents at your door step, but also we will provide you with a pick and drop services making the whole tiresome process easier and convenient for you.


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