sharjah freezone company formation

Business Setup in Shams Free Zone

Sharjah Media City (Shams) referred to as shams free zone is a seventh heaven for the new entrepreneurs who are looking forward to setting up their new businesses in shams free zone. Launching a new business is not an easy undertaking in this fastidious time especially in the middle-eastern countries but shams free zone company setup is convenient and ingenious way to channel your futuristic and inventive ideas.

The idea behind Shams free zone company setup is to provide people with a dandy hub for innovative facilities and services with a plethora of business activities for the people looking forward to become successful businessmen in UAE.

Shams free zone is providing people with different packages to choose from and hence widening the platform for low budget and novel startups. The factors hindering the growth of these low budget startups like paying a large share of your capital amount to the banks and the costs of renewal of licenses along with annual audit report are also not limiting factor for working in Shams free zone. It’s easier to access, as the hefty tasks of getting NOC from the current sponsor and being physically present in UAE are eliminated. The license for your startup to work in shams free zone is easily attainable and accessible. And the most appealing thing about shams free zone company setup is the complete repatriation of all the profits that the business makes so you do not have to worry about transferring your money back to your homeland. Apart from all these benefits, the processes of attaining visa are easy and flexible, not only for the entrepreneurs but also for the staff that they want to bring in. Besides, the documentation of the company is issued within a few days owing to the convenient and easy application process. All these benefits and facilities make shams free zone an even more attractive option for aspiring businessmen in UAE.

Shams free zone business setup services have earned all its name and reputation because of the number of facilities present there for the new entrepreneurs. You do not have to own a lump sum amount of money to start up your business in Shams free zone. There are thousands of smaller setups working in this area which gives a sense of competition to every newcomer and a healthy working environment.

Some of the key features that make Shams free zone stand out of the other available options is the fact that you can own your business completely without dealing with the sponsors and other mediators between you and the government. Besides you can transfer funds in Shams free zone without any extra charges that would make investment easier than it ever was. Even if you have a small amount of money you can start working in this area because of the low establishment cost of any company here.

If you are looking forward to setting up a manufacturing industry, this is again the best option for you because there are minimal duties of imports and exports of materials in this area. Shams free zone makes it easier for the manufacturers to import the raw material and export the finished goods without any delay. Such supportive laws along with minimal taxes make smaller investment more fruitful for the businesses working in this area.

Besides, only a little time is required to get the permissions and licenses in Shams free zone. You will get your company running within 2 or 3 days of the submission of your documents. You can bring in foreign employees and may or may not be physically present to get the license and permissions. To get further information about this opportunity, contact UHS international and get a quote.

Why Shams Free Zone

Shams Free Zone aspire to offers quick, simple and economically competence setup process. It provides everything that you require in digital speed (from licensing, Visas and real estate). It is intended to empower minds and inspire innovations among its residents. The proficient and ergonomic designs introduce a unique workplace to any organization or individual eager to grow and expand. Its predilection to media and creativity makes it a top-notch hub.


o 100% foreign ownership
o 100% free transfer of funds
o No need of client’s physical presence in UAE
o No restrictions on capital repatriation
o Company Setup starting from AED 11,500
o No import or re-export duties
o Zero personal or corporate tax
o No restriction on hiring a foreign employee
o All documentation issued in 2 days
o No paid up share capital or annual audit
o No Deposit required


o Vibrant and connected eco-system for innovators
o Wide range of business activities on single license
o Online simple process
o Quick and easy progression
o Digital and cost-effective process
o Located very close to Sharjah and Dubai International airport

Business Activities