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Abu Dhabi Main Land Company Setup Services

Abu Dhabi main land company setup is a favorable investment channel in the heart of UAE. Abu Dhabi is an island in the middle of UAE which has now become a major commercial and cultural center for the people around the world which makes it an attractive option for anyone looking up to invest their money or start up a new business in a more flourishing and promising environment as Abu Dhabi accounts for more than half of UAE’s economy.

The reason why people find Abu Dhabi company setup more fascinating is that the chances of a business to explore its full potential in an environment where the economy is thriving to make sure that the business equally thrives too. The transportation facilities are well established with medical and healthcare facilities available making it an easy place to survive in. Besides Abu Dhabi main land company setup would be more fruitful as it is surrounded by many giant businesses and the facilities available there for new startups are countless.

Abu Dhabi Main Land

Abu Dhabi main land business setup is a golden egg for businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a fertile economy to set base for their business. The first step towards a good start in laying down Abu Dhabi main land business setup is by attaining a license for work. These are many different types of licenses and permissions to explore according to the requirements of the entrepreneur. Second comes the registration of a trade name for your Abu Dhabi main land business setup along with defining the type of business activities that are to be carried out by the company and getting these things attested and documented legally. Abu Dhabi main land business setup is more likely to expand its outreach and get foreign exhibition and funding as the mainland is full of diverse forms of businesses and opportunities.

There are 6 essentials steps to registering a new company in Abu Dhabi:

o Defining the Activity and Legal Form
o Registration of the Trade Name and Activity
o Memorandum of Association or National Service Agency Agreement Notarization onshore
o Setup Business Location
o Finding Approvals of Government Authorities
o Issuance of Government License(s)

Abu Dhabi Main Land Legal Requirements

Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of business opportunities for foreign investors. There are a amount of company setup avenues for foreign investors to follow when launching a new company in the UAE. For onshore formation, the company must involve either a UAE Local Partner or a UAE National Agent.
For those businesspersons that go down the route of 100% foreign possession, there are six kinds of companies you can register in Abu Dhabi:
o Branch of a Foreign Company
o Branch of a GCC Company
o Branch of a Free zone Company
o Representative Office
o Civil Works Company
o Foreign GCC Branch (one GCC national shareholder/one foreign shareholder)
There are other four kinds of companies that can be registered in Abu Dhabi, aside from the wholly foreign-owned options:
o A Limited Liability Company
o Sole Proprietorship L.L.C
o Sole Establishment
o Local Branch

Abu Dhabi Main Land Benefits

Established internal transportation infrastructure by way of public buses, metro, taxi companies, well-defined roads and bridges
o Consistent law and order. There are many local, and international law firms situated in UAE to provide effective legal support to businesses
o State-of-the-art telecommunications
o First-class and firmly regulated healthcare hospitals and clinics along with each resident mandatorily having health insurance
o Abu Dhabi has become an international destination for education by hosting a majority of world-famous universities. Also, their prospectuses provide internationally certified qualifications. The contrivance promotes the propensity of the region to offer future business leaders with an international experience starting from university. Additionally, it creates enormous opportunities for different training institutes to setup their centers in UAE
o Top international exhibitions and conference venues.
o Abu Dhabi stocks several international financial institutions including multinational banks and well-known auditing services companies to fuel the growth of UAE
o Economical workforce and easy recruitment procedures.
o Dependable power, utility services
o Superlative hotels, hospitals, schools, shops and Cosmopolitan lifestyle.
o Classy ports, airports, and logistics infrastructure to support high volume trading export and import activities
o Abu Dhabi-UAE is an established international trading and tourism hub for decades
o Recent implementation of VAT system from January 2018 will also ensure transparent AML compliant business environment driving huge fund flow from banks to lend to strong businesses enabling businesses to grow and flourish
o Upcoming Expo 2020 has also added a significant increase in business activities to create an infrastructure which can support an inflow for millions of visitors thus created huge opportunities for MNCs and SMEs to establish their companies in Abu Dhabi – UAE.
o Endless business opportunities for hospitality industries like hotels, tourism companies, restaurants, rent a car and any such associated businesses.
o USH International business setup services offer in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in company incorporation can assist to form a mainland companies based on the client’s business plan.


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