Wholesale of other machinery and equipment

Activity Group: Wholesale of machinery, equipment and supplies
Activity Number: 4659
This class includes:
  • Wholesale of office machinery and equipment, except computers and computer peripheral equipment
  • Wholesale of office furniture
  • Wholesale of transport equipment except motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles
  • Wholesale of production-line robots
  • Wholesale of wires and switches and other installation equipment for industrial use
  • Wholesale of other electrical material such as electrical motors, transformers
  • Wholesale of machine tools of any type and for any material
  • Wholesale of other machinery n.e.c. for use in industry, trade and navigation and other services
This class also includes:
  • Wholesale of computer-controlled machine tools
  • Wholesale of computer-controlled machinery for the textile industry and of computer controlled sewing and knitting machines
International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (186 ISIC), Revision 4
  • Wholesale of measuring instruments and equipment
This class excludes:
  • Wholesale of motor vehicles, trailers and caravans, see 4510
  • Wholesale of motor vehicle parts, see 4530
  • Wholesale of motorcycles, see 4540
  • Wholesale of bicycles, see 4649
  • Wholesale of computers and peripheral equipment, see 4651
  • Wholesale of electronic parts and telephone and communications equipment, see 4652