Submit utility to USH worldwide offerings and make charge.
Day 2 Arrive at USH global offerings at 9am to be taken to AFZA via USH representative to sign organization incorporation files in the front of a free region reliable.
Day 3 Trade License  launched by way of the unfastened sector and scanned copy of the unique could be sent to you thru e mail.
Day 4 Unique alternate License, Ajman Chamber of commerce certificate, rent settlement, and Articles of Incorporation* (handiest applicable for FZC’s i.e. 2 or extra shareholders, FZE’s i.e. one shareholder corporations will not get hold of Articles of Incorporation), and organization Stamp to be had for series at USH workplaces. you can setup your organization financial institution account at this point.
Day 12 Enterprise established order Card issued by using Ajman Immigration. You could apply to your Visa at this point.
Day 13 Whole and put up visa utility paperwork and attested diploma certificate (if relevant) and Emirates identification Card information (if relevant) to USH and make payment.
Day 17 Entry Visa issued (red coloured Visa) and a replica emailed to you. should you be outdoor the USA. when the visa is issued, please offer us along with your flight information so we can drop your visa at Dubai airport for a charge of AED 250.
Day 18 Unique entry Visa available for collection at USH places of work. perform exchange of status (In/Out Stamp) either via exiting and re-coming into the u . s . a . i.e. by riding to the Hatta/Oman border (if relevant), or via submitting your passport, authentic access visa and payment to USH to perform the equal without having to depart the usa. authentic entry Visa to be had for series at USH offices. perform exchange of fame (In/Out Stamp) both by means of exiting and re-getting into the country i.e. by using to the Hatta/Oman border (if applicable), or by using submitting your passport, unique entry visa and price to USH to perform the equal without having to go away the usa. those whom are wishing to carry out the exchange of repute (In/Out Stamp) in usa can best achieve this in case you are presently in the 30 day grace length following the cancellation of your preceding residency visa or if you are on a go to visa (NB – not traveller visa) or if you obtained a visa on arrival into the UAE (granted to nationals of 34 nations who don’t want to use for a visa prior to coming into the UAE).furthermore, providing the change of repute is completed in the 30 day grace period following the cancellation of your previous residency visa you’ll no longer incur any overstay fines.Any overstay fines that you’ll be incurring will maintain until you whole the alternate of repute.ought to you be out of doors the u . s . a . while the visa is issued, and are not from one of the 34 nations which can be granted a visa on arrival, and are getting into the UAE on your new entry visa, for you to constitute your exchange of status, please be sure to touch your airline previous to journeying, as many airlines will need to peer a replica of your entry visa prior to journey so that it will verify the identical after which upload a replica of the visa onto their system, and offer you with an ‘good enough to Board’. The identical would follow if you are in the usa when the visa is issued, and plan to go out the u . s . with your visa in hand, after which re-enter the UAE via air.once you’ve got accomplished your change of status you may now not be able to go out the united states until your residency visa manner has been completed.
Day 19 Proceed to Ajman fitness Centre in your Visa medical and Emirates id Card procedure.
Day 22 Accumulate medical consequences from health Centre.
Day 23 Deliver the subsequent to our USH offices: original Passport, unique Visa, original medical outcomes, authentic Emirates identity Card receipt.
Day 26 Passport is released via Immigration stamped with Residency Visa and Passport might be available for series at USH offices