Sound recording and music publishing activities

Activity Group: Sound recording and music publishing activities
Activity Number: 5920
This class includes:
  • Production of original (sound) master recordings, such as tapes, CDs
  • Sound recording service activities in a studio or elsewhere, including the production of taped (i.e. non-live) radio programming, audio for film, television etc.
  • Music publishing, i.e. activities of:
    • Acquiring and registering copyrights for musical compositions
    • Promoting, authorizing and using these compositions in recordings, radio, television, motion pictures, live performances, print and other media
    • Distributing sound recordings to wholesalers, retailers or directly to the public
  • Units engaged in these activities may own the copyright or act as administrator of the music copyrights on behalf of the copyright owners.
  • This class also includes:
    • Publishing of music and sheet books
This class excludes:
  • Reproduction from master copies of music or other sound recordings, see 1820
  • Wholesale of recorded audio tapes and disks, see 4649