Repair of fabricated metal products

Activity Group: Repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment
Activity Number: 3311

This class includes the repair and maintenance of fabricated metal products of division 25.

This class includes:
  • Repair of metal tanks, reservoirs and containers
  • Repair and maintenance for pipes and pipelines
  • Mobile welding repair
  • Repair of steel shipping drums
  • Repair and maintenance of steam or other vapour generators
  • Repair and maintenance of auxiliary plant for use with steam generators:
    • Condensers, economizers, superheaters, steam collectors and accumulators
  • Repair and maintenance of nuclear reactors, except isotope separators
  • Repair and maintenance of parts for marine or power boilers
  • Platework repair of central heating boilers and radiators
  • Repair and maintenance of fire arms and ordnance (including repair of sporting and recreational guns)
This class excludes:
  • Repair of central heating systems etc., see 4322
  • Repair of mechanical locking devices, safes etc., see 8020