Photocopying, document preparation and other specialized office support activities

Activity Group: Office administrative and support activities
Activity Number: 8219
This class includes :
  • A variety of copying, document preparation and specialized office support activities.
  • The document copying/printing activities included here cover only shortrun type printing activities.
  • Document preparation
  • Document editing or proofreading
  • Typing, word processing, or desktop publishing
  • Secretarial support services
  • Transcription of documents, and other secretarial services
  • Letter or resume writing
  • Provision of mailbox rental and other mailing activities (except direct mail advertising)
  • Photocopying
  • Duplicating
  • Blueprinting
  • Other document copying services without also providing printing services, such as offset printing, quick printing, digital printing, prepress services
This class excludes:
  • Printing of documents (offset printing, quick printing etc.), see 1811
  • Direct mail advertising, see 7310
  • Specialized stenotype services such as court reporting, see 8299
  • Public stenography services, see 8299