Fujairah License Activity


Audio & Visual Audio and Visual Production, Broadcasting Management, TV Production, Audio Production, Radio Management
Broadcasting TV Broadcasting, Radio Broadcasting, Web Streaming
Media & Marketing Advertising Agency, Advertising, Public Relations Agency, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, Outdoor Advertising, Media Representation, Specialty Communication & PR, Intellectual Property Services, International Copyright Collection Agency, Marketing Research Consultancy or Services, Online Marketing Services, Media Services, Marketing Services, PR Services , E‐Commerce
Publishing Newspapers, Magazines, Educational / Consumer Books, Promotional Content, Online & Electronic Content, e‐books, Directories and Guides.
Event Management Sports Management, Conferences Organizing and Management, Event Production, Event Ticketing, Exhibition Organization and Management, Festival Organization and Management, Live Theatrical Shows Management and Promotion, Performing Arts Management, Choreography, Hospitality Management Consultancy.
Media Support Services Media Production, Media Support Services, Media Content Production, Media Monitoring, Graphic Design, Media Archiving & Distribution, Photography, Photography Services, Press Services, Printing Services, Media Equipment Rentals
Consultancy Marketing Consultancy, Market Research Consultancy, Concept & Design Consultancy, Media and Marketing Consultancy, Media Consultancy, Lifestyle Consultancy, Accounting & Auditing Consultancy, Architecture Consultancy, Technical Consultancy, Education Consultancy, Legal Consultancy, Business Consultancy, Lifestyle Consultancy, Media Consultancy, Travel Consultancy, Project Management Consultancy, Human Resources Consultancy, Engineering Consultancy
New Media Animation, Animation Photography, Digital Design, Digital Media Management, Digital Media Services, Interactive Services, Multimedia Development, New Media Services, System Development Management, Software Development Management, Web Design, Web Hosting, Technical Services, Online Marketing Services
Business Information News Agency, Information Services, Helpdesk Services, Research Services, Risk Management, Strategy Advisory Services, Translation Services, Strategy Planning Consultancy
Film / Production / Post‐Production Art Production & Distribution, Art Services, Film Production & Distribution, Film Production/Post Production, Post Production, Program Management, Programmed Management, Video Design Services, Video Production, Videography
Music & Entertainment Music Production & Recordings, Music Distribution, Music Promotion & Management, Music Publishing, Music Label & Rights Management, Theme Parks Management, Music Training
Information Technology IT Consultancy, IT Services, AUTOCAD, e‐Commerce, Network Management Services, IT Security Management, IT Solutions, Virtualization, IT Strategy Services
Design Interior Design, Architecture Services, Commercial Interior Design, Space Planning Design, Concept Design Consultancy, Design Services, Fashion Design
Education Education Training, Business Training, Online Education, Education Services, Performing Art Training, Training Consultancy , Training Services
Import, Export Media Technology, Import/Export(IT Related)

Note: Please find below additional criteria for these business activities.

EDUCATION & TRAINING: Not applicable for Commercial Licence

PUBLISHING: Not applicable for Commercial Licence

BROADCASTING: Management pre‐approval required.

Feel free to contact us for more details.