Freight transport by road

Activity Group: Other land transport
Activity Number: 4923
This class includes:
  • All freight transport operations by road:
    • Logging haulage
    • Stock haulage
    • Refrigerated haulage
    • Heavy haulage
    • Bulk haulage, including haulage in tanker trucks
    • Haulage of automobiles
    • Transport of waste and waste materials, without collection or disposal
This class also includes:
  • Furniture removal
  • Renting of trucks with driver
  • Freight transport by man or animal-drawn vehicles
This class excludes:
  • Log hauling within the forest, as part of logging operations, see 0240
  • Distribution of water by trucks, see 3600
  • Operation of terminal facilities for handling freight, see 5221
  • Crating and packing services for transport, see 5229
  • Post and courier activities, see 5310, 5320
  • Waste transport as integrated part of waste collection activities, see 3811, 3812