Wholesale on a fee or contract basis

Activity Group: Wholesale on a fee or contract basis
Activity Number: 4610
This class includes:
  • Activities of commission agents and all other wholesalers who trade on behalf and on the account of others
  • Activities of those involved in bringing sellers and buyers together or undertaking commercial transactions on behalf of a principal, including on the internet
  • Such agents involved in the sale of:
    • Agricultural raw materials, live animals, textile raw materials and semi-finished
    • Goods
    • Fuels, ores, metals and industrial chemicals, including fertilizers
    • Food, beverages and tobacco
    • Textiles, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods
    • Timber and building materials
    • Machinery, including office machinery and computers, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft
    • Furniture, household goods and hardware
This class also includes:
  • Activities of wholesale auctioneering houses
This class excludes:
  • Wholesale trade in own name, see groups 462 to 469
  • Activities of commission agents for motor vehicles, see 4510
  • Auctions of motor vehicles, see 4510
  • Retail sale by non-store commission agents, see 4799
  • Activities of insurance agents, see 6622
  • Activities of real estate agents, see 6820