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Ajman freezone

Business Setup in Ajman Fee Zones

Ajman free zone offers the most affordable land and rental space for business setups in the region. The cost of living in Ajman is also relatively lesser than the other Emirates, making it viable for small entrepreneurs. Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was established in 1988 and is located across the Ajman Port. Its location near Dubai and Sharjah provides companies in Ajman freezone easy accessibility to international airports. Business setup in Ajman free zone sounds lucrative to small and medium enterprises (SME) as well as start-ups, mainly for its affordability and good infrastructure. AFZ offers low-cost smart offices for start-ups and entrepreneurs as well as executive offices for large corporations. Companies setting up in Ajman freezone are also assured of 100% privacy with limited financial disclosures. However, Ajman free zone business setup requires minimum capital to be shown as well as processing of a lot of documentation. You also need to pay the Ajman free zone license fees within a stipulated period. This process can get complicated without in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding Ajman free zone company setup formalities. Shuraa Business Setup makes the process of Ajman free zone company formation easy. We help you interact easily with the Ajman authorities and make setting up a business in Ajman free zone quicker for you with our all-inclusive packages. We take all your documents and get your Ajman free zone company registration done in just three days. With us, your Ajman free zone company setup cost is the least.

Benefits of Setting Up a Business in Ajman Fee Zone are:

  • No import and export duty imposed
  • Get corporate tax exemption
  • Get 100% ownership
  • Get 100% repatriation on profit
  • Get personal income tax exemption

Additional Advantages:

  • Economical lease rents
  • Economical prices of power and electricity
  • Easy access to two international airports and four ports
  • Affordable and good infrastructure
  • Raw material easily available

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Commercial Trading License

Allows the client to import, export, distribute, consolidate and store items specified in the license.It Can be Activities - ( Foodstuff / Electronic/ Mobile Phones / Furniture / Garment /Steel / Auto Parts / lubricants / Machinery / Used plastic /CCTV Camera Trading/Medical Equipments Trading etc…. ) Freight Forwarding and Clearance License

Commercial Trading License

Allows the clients to Provide all logistics and clearance services.

General Trading License

Allows the client to import, export, distribute, consolidate and store items of a diversified, unlimited and unrelated number of products (multiple products).This is popular among international traders because almost all categories of products can be traded. Tobacco, Alcohol, Pharmaceuticals and Crude oil are not allowed. This license will cost you more than the specific trading license.

Professional License

Allows the client to carry out professional consultancy services, ie:
  • Marketing Research & Consultancies
  • Purus sodales ultricies
  • Vestibulum laoreet porttitor sem
  • Ac tristique libero volutpat at

E‐Commerce License

This permits you to do online business Allows you to sell products or Services online and collect payments online.For Example Like Souq.com or Booking.com
Smart Offices PackagesExecutive Offices Packages

Ajman Payment Packages


1 Payment Package

2 Payment Package

3 Payment Package

6 Payment Package

Initial Payment

Total *2 Total *3 Total *6
Ist Installment Cash
Consultancy Fee
(AED 5000)
Name Approval
(AED 135)
One Activity Package 22095 22835 11418 23575 7860 25055 4176
Two Activity Package 23395 24135 12068 24875 8290 26355 4393
Three Activity Package 24695 25435 12718 26175 8725 27655 4610
Service License 24695 25435 12718 26175 8725 27655 4610
General Trading Package 27295 28035 14018 28775 9592 30255 5043
E Commerce License 28195 28935 14468 29675 9892 31155 5193

Special Offers

One Activity Package

Two Activity Package

Three Activity Package

General Trading Package

Initial Payment

Size Total 12* Installments Size Total 12* Installments Size Total 12* Installments Size Total 12* Installments
36 69,430 5786 36 70,730 5894 36 72,030 6003 36 74,630 6219
Ist Installment Cash
Consultancy Fee
(AED 5000)
Name Approval
(AED 100)
39 69,790 5816 39 71,090 5924 39 72,390 6033 39 74,990 6249
40 71,350 5946 40 72,650 6054 40 73,950 6163 40 76,550 6379
41 72,910 6076 41 74,210 6184 41 75,510 6293 41 78,110 6509
42 74,470 6076 42 75,770 6314 42 77,070 6423 42 79,670 6639

Terms of Payment

1 Payment Package : This is an advance payment. 2 Payment Package : 1 payment in advance and the balance cheque to be post dated after 6 months. 3 Payment Package : 1 payment in advance and the balance to be given in 2 post dated cheques, one after 4 months and the second after another 4 months. 6 Payment Package : 1 payment to be made in advance and balance of 5 post dated cheques to be issued for each month during company formaton.


All the Cheques to be given at the time of company formaton.
In case the company is a partnership firm, a onetime attestation fee of AED 1000 will be applicable

Companies are eligible to 5 Visa’s in Executive office

Including Packages

  • Rent for the office
  • License for the respective category
  • Maintenance & General Services
  • Sign Board
  • Sewage Chargers
  • Establishment card for immigration
  • 5 Residence Visas Allotted
  • Initial Telephone Connection

VISA Charges

(Visa Charges are separate as Detailed)

Total Cost for 3 years Visa

1500 AED + ( 2000 AED Refundable Deposit)

For Employees

1500 AED + ( 2000 AED Refundable Deposit) + ( One Month Salary as Refundable)  


Day 1 Submit utility to USH worldwide offerings and make charge.
Day 2 Arrive at USH global offerings at 9am to be taken to AFZA via USH representative to sign organization incorporation files in the front of a free region reliable.
Day 3 Trade License  launched by way of the unfastened sector and scanned copy of the unique could be sent to you thru e mail.
Day 4 Unique alternate License, Ajman Chamber of commerce certificate, rent settlement, and Articles of Incorporation* (handiest applicable for FZC’s i.e. 2 or extra shareholders, FZE’s i.e. one shareholder corporations will not get hold of Articles of Incorporation), and organization Stamp to be had for series at USH workplaces. you can setup your organization financial institution account at this point.
Day 12 Enterprise established order Card issued by using Ajman Immigration. You could apply to your Visa at this point.
Day 13 Whole and put up visa utility paperwork and attested diploma certificate (if relevant) and Emirates identification Card information (if relevant) to USH and make payment.
Day 17 Entry Visa issued (red coloured Visa) and a replica emailed to you. should you be outdoor the USA. when the visa is issued, please offer us along with your flight information so we can drop your visa at Dubai airport for a charge of AED 250.
Day 18 Unique entry Visa available for collection at USH places of work. perform exchange of status (In/Out Stamp) either via exiting and re-coming into the u . s . a . i.e. by riding to the Hatta/Oman border (if relevant), or via submitting your passport, authentic access visa and payment to USH to perform the equal without having to depart the usa. authentic entry Visa to be had for series at USH offices. perform exchange of fame (In/Out Stamp) both by means of exiting and re-getting into the country i.e. by using to the Hatta/Oman border (if applicable), or by using submitting your passport, unique entry visa and price to USH to perform the equal without having to go away the usa. those whom are wishing to carry out the exchange of repute (In/Out Stamp) in usa can best achieve this in case you are presently in the 30 day grace length following the cancellation of your preceding residency visa or if you are on a go to visa (NB – not traveller visa) or if you obtained a visa on arrival into the UAE (granted to nationals of 34 nations who don’t want to use for a visa prior to coming into the UAE).furthermore, providing the change of repute is completed in the 30 day grace period following the cancellation of your previous residency visa you'll no longer incur any overstay fines.Any overstay fines that you'll be incurring will maintain until you whole the alternate of repute.ought to you be out of doors the u . s . a . while the visa is issued, and are not from one of the 34 nations which can be granted a visa on arrival, and are getting into the UAE on your new entry visa, for you to constitute your exchange of status, please be sure to touch your airline previous to journeying, as many airlines will need to peer a replica of your entry visa prior to journey so that it will verify the identical after which upload a replica of the visa onto their system, and offer you with an ‘good enough to Board’. The identical would follow if you are in the usa when the visa is issued, and plan to go out the u . s . with your visa in hand, after which re-enter the UAE via air.once you've got accomplished your change of status you may now not be able to go out the united states until your residency visa manner has been completed.
Day 19 Proceed to Ajman fitness Centre in your Visa medical and Emirates id Card procedure.
Day 22 Accumulate medical consequences from health Centre.
Day 23 Deliver the subsequent to our USH offices: original Passport, unique Visa, original medical outcomes, authentic Emirates identity Card receipt.
Day 26 Passport is released via Immigration stamped with Residency Visa and Passport might be available for series at USH offices

Other Services Charges

Penalty for Trade License Cancellation after Expiry Date AED 100 per day
Airport Visa Drop-off in Dubai AED 250
Arabic Legal Translation (from English) AED 250
Attestation of Certificates/Contracts AED 375
Certificate of Good Standing AED 375
Salary Certificate AED 375
No Objection Certificate (Driver's License, Liquor License, Car Registration, Travel) AED 375
Dubai Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation (Degrees, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate) AED 400
In Country Change of Status AED 1,350
Residence Visa Cancellation (inside the country) AED 1,000
Police Clearance (for Liquor License ) AED 1,500
Assistance for Driver's License AED 1,500
Penalty for late renewal of Immigration Card AED 1500 (1st month)AED 200 (per additional month)
Residence Visa Cancellation (outside the country) AED 2,000
VIP Assistance for Medical Test & Emirates ID Application (including government fees) AED 2,695
Re-issuance/Duplicate Company Documents AED 3,500
Trade License Cancellation AED 5,000
Dependents Sponsorship AED 5,750
Additional Activity AED 6,500
Amendment to Shareholders within FZ LLC, Person in Charge or Activity AED 3,500
Amendment from Individual Shareholder to Multiple Shareholders or Corporate Shareholder AED 5,500

Important Info

  • All procedures, timelines and costs are valid at the time of printing, however may become subject to change without notice.
  • Company documentation (Trade Licenses etc.) are issued from Ajman Free Zone and Visas are issued from Ajman Immigration. Please note the registered address for your new company will be in Ajman, as per what will appear on your Trade License and what will feature on your company stamp and furthermore should be used on all official company correspondence i.e. contracts, invoices etc.
  • Any payments received by USH International towards any product or service are non-refundable unless agreed otherwise. This condition is valid even if the payment received isn’t for the full amount of the service or product subscribed for and/or the customer has yet to provide USH International with all the correct documentary requirements for said product or service.
  • At the time of requesting a refund for any deposit lodged with Ajman Free Zone - the Free Zone will administer a fee of AED 100 to process each refund cheque.
  • Please note the prices quoted in this proposal are specific to the products and services mentioned, they do not include any ancillary services i.e. driving license transfers, liquor license, dependents visas etc. - please contact us if you would like pricing and procedures for the same.
  • Business Center services are provided by the Business Center under their Department of Economic Development (DED) License. These services aren’t provided directly by USH International.
  • With regard to your dedicated phone number with the Business Centre, please note that a call forwarding charge is applicable e.g. when they receive a call on your dedicated phone number and forward the call to your mobile.
  • Printing and photocopying at the Business Centre is also chargeable.
  • Furthermore should you wish to use the ‘honesty bar’ at the Business Centre you will need to lodge a credit card with them as security, and settle your bill daily. Please note only hot beverages are complimentary i.e. tea and coffee everything else is chargeable.
  • With regard to meeting rooms hours and days at the internet cafe, no partial bookings are accepted, i.e. a half hour meeting room booking will be viewed as 1 hour, and similarly if you use the internet cafe for 2 hours it will be viewed as 1 day. Furthermore if for example 2 of you are using the internet cafe on the same day and occupying 2 desks, that will count as 2 days usage. Furthermore desk space cannot be shared, you can only have 1 person occupying 1 desk. If you would like additional meeting room hours and/or internet cafe days you may approach the Business Centre and pay them the applicable rates directly. Also please note that desk usage at the internet cafe is on a first come first serve basis, and meeting rooms need to be booked in advance and are subject to availability. Unused meeting room hours or Internet cafe days cannot be rolled over to the following month.
  • Any regular mail received will be kept for 60 calendar days and will be discarded thereafter if not collected. Any parcels received will carry a handling fee of AED 100 per item in addition to any applicable customs fees; parcels will be discarded after 21 calendar days if not collected.
  • The PO Box details that appear on your trade license can NOT be used to receive any mail or packages in your name or in the name of any of your employees or in the name of your company; any mail or packages sent to this PO Box will be destroyed.
  • In order to secure a utility bill in your personal name you will need to lease residential premises in the UAE, and in order to secure a utility bill in your company name you will need to lease physical permanent office space in the Free Zone.
  • Companies registered with Ajman Free Zone are permitted to carry out their business activities within the Free Zone or outside the UAE. Should the company wish to conduct business activities within the UAE, they should either establish a local branch office or transact through a local commercial agent or local distributor.
  • If the Ajman Free Zone Company is to be owned by a British Virgin Islands (BVI) Company or a branch of a BVI Company, the BVI Company documents will need to be attested by the UAE Embassy in the UK followed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.
  • The USH International package (Support Services and company registration) is valid for one year starting from the commencement date on the Trade License and both must be renewed annually.
  • Please note that you will not be able to secure an independent physical PO Box in Dubai with Empost for your Company.
  • Should you subscribe to a PO Box with Empost for your company, pleased be informed that you will not be able to cancel the PO Box unless you also close down your company.
  • With regard to the access to our banking contacts, USH International will simply provide a list of banking contacts, after which the onus is on the client to contact the banking representative directly and organize a meeting at a time and venue of the client and banking representative’s choosing. USH International aren’t involved beyond providing the list of banking contacts, furthermore USH International do not provide any assurances that the company bank account will be successfully opened or how long it will take for the bank account to be opened, the onus is on the client to liaise with the banking representative and satisfy the requirements and protocols of the bank in order to successfully open and maintain their company bank account. Please note that the client is not obliged to open their company bank account through our banking contacts, and is free to utilize their own banking accounts at any bank of their choosing.
  • If any of the Shareholders and/or Directors cannot personally be present in the UAE to open the company Bank Account, an attested Board Resolution and/or Power of Attorney from all of the absent Shareholders and/or Directors will need to be submitted in order to complete the bank account opening procedure. Please contact us for drafts and further details on the same.
  • In order to keep your company bank account active, you will need to visit your bank annually with your original renewed trade License and present it to the bank for sighting, this must be carried out on or before the expiry date of your current Trade License.
  • If any of the shareholders are another Free Zone or Offshore or Local company registered in the UAE or if you are planning to open a branch of another Free Zone or Offshore or Local company registered in the UAE, you will require a NOC from the relevant licensed authority.
  • Should payment for the renewal of the USH International package (Support Services and Company Registration) not be made by the expiry date of the company Trade License, all services will be discontinued including any telephone number you have subscribed for. Any reconnection of the telephone number once it has been disconnected which will become subject to a charge of 350 AED. Furthermore you will be charged a penalty of 100 AED per day after the date of expiry until you either renew the USH International package or complete the closing/cancellation procedure, you will also be liable to pay any applicable government fees i.e. closing/cancelling fees and late fees for closing/cancelling after the expiry date of the license, or late fees for renewing your license after the expiry date of the license as well as any license amendment fees if the Licensing Authority has re-allocated your office space due to renewal of the license after the expiry date.
  • You will be required to settle upfront in full any pending instalments at the time of cancellation of your license. Furthermore you will need to pay AED 5,000 to cancel the Trade license and up to AED 2,000 to cancel each employment visa and related dependent visas under the company. Please note the above is applicable providing all cancellations take place during the Trade License validity period - should any of the above take place after the Trade License has expired, late fees will also be incurred.
  • When cancelling either the entry or residence visa, both the manager on the license and the visa holder will need to physically go to Ajman Free Zone to sign the visa cancellation papers. Also, the bank guarantee of AED 2,000 will be refunded by Ajman Free Zone via cheque in the name of the company - NOT in the name of any individual. Furthermore, the refund can only be applied for once the person whose visa was cancelled has either exited the country or secured a new UAE residency visa - the refund cheque will be ready for collection approximately 10 working days after this point.
  • When cancelling the trade license, ALL shareholders along with the Manager on the license are required to go to Ajman Free Zone in person and sign the license cancellations forms. Furthermore, if any employment visa is being cancelled at the same time as the trade license cancellation, the refund of the bank guarantee can only be applied for once the clearance letter for the license cancellation has been issued - the standard timeline for the license cancellation is 23 working days
  • You will need to cancel all dependent visas before you will be allowed to cancel your own visa.
  • The company immigration card needs to also be renewed annually; should the company immigration card not be renewed, a penalty of AED 1,500 will be applicable for the first month after expiry and AED 200 for every subsequent month.
  • If you would like to amend your Trade License i.e. to add or remove shareholders the amendment fee is AED 5,500
  • The company is limited to a maximum of 4 shareholders.
  • If you have opted to take an additional activity on your company license, you will be charged the same amount for the additional activity in subsequent years as you paid in Year 1.
  • If you have opted for an Executive office and need to apply for visas under the company, you will need to ensure that the office is furnished to the level of a functional and operational office in order to satisfy Immigration when they visit the office to carry out an inspection. Please contact us for further details on the same.
  • Visa applicants holding Sri Lankan, Ethiopian, and Indonesian passports will need to carry out a medical in their home country and have the results attested by the UAE Consulate in their home country as well prior to applying for their visa.
  • Visa pre-approval can take between 6 to 20 days depending on the nationality and place of birth of the applicant and is valid for 20 calendar days once granted.
  • For visa pre-approval for certain nationalities, regardless of the business activity, you may be required to provide an attested degree.
  • Visa transfers aren’t permitted, even if it’s from another Free Zone.
  • Your entry visa will NOT be issued if you have overstayed in the country - you will need to proceed to the airport, pay the overstay fines and exit the country. After which, you will need to send us via email a copy of your exit stamp on your passport - once a copy of your exit stamp has been shown to Ajman Immigration, only then will your visa application be allowed for re-submission, and the entry visa will be released 5 working days later.
  • In order to maintain your UAE residency, you will need to enter the country at least once every 180 calendar days.
  • If you have sponsored your dependents and subsequently cancelled their visas, you will not be able to exit the country unless your dependents accompany you or they have secured their new residency visas.
  • Your residency visa and those of your employees and dependents are valid for 2 years and Investors are valid for 3 years, please note that you will not be sent any reminder from USH International prior to the expiry of the residency visas, you will need to contact USH International yourselves at least 30 working days before the residency visas expire to commence the renewal process.
  • If you need to apply for visas for employees under the company, you need to ensure that at least one of the shareholders already holds a visa under the Ajman company.
  • If you wish to downgrade your visa designation i.e. from General Manager to Sales Representative you will need to cancel your existing visa and apply for a new one.
  • Shareholders above the age of 60 are required to take an "Investor" position on their visa. Whereas, shareholders below the age of 60 are entitled to choose from either of the following positions: Executive Director, General Manager or Investor.
  • In order to be a shareholder and/or Manager and/or employee for an AFZ company, you will need to be over the age of 21.
  • Visit visas and/or Mission visas cannot be issued under your company.
  • If any of the shareholders or the person in charge is an Emirati National, we will need a copy of their ‘Jinsiya’ and their Emirates ID Card.
  • If you are a sole shareholder on an executive office package on an investor visa and wish to sponsor dependents, you will need to request AFZ to provide you with an investor memorandum which costs AED 1,750.
  • When sponsoring dependents, the documents provided to immigration i.e. birth certificates and marriage certificates will need to be attested by the UAE Embassy in the country of residence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai and then legally translated to Arabic. Please contact us for further clarification on this procedure.
  • Women are NOT able to sponsor dependents (spouse, children, housemaid etc.)
  • Neither stepchildren nor adopted children nor children out of wedlock can be sponsored by the respective stepparent/adoptive/biological parent.
  • A NOC from your sponsor is mandatory if you currently hold a valid UAE Residency visa. However, if you are a partner/investor in the company on which you hold your visa no NOC will be required however you will need to present us with the original of the Trade License.
  • Hand-written NOC’s will not be accepted; all NOC’s should be typed.
  • If you are carrying more than 1 passport, please ensure you inform a USH International representative of the same. Furthermore please note that you will be unable to travel on your 2nd passport (the one not submitted towards your visa process) whilst your visa application is in process.
  • If your normal passport which holds your valid UAE residence visa has run out of pages and/or expired, you will not be permitted to enter UAE on a temporary passport. You will need to wait till your new normal passport has been issued and then travel carrying both your new passport as well as your previous passport which holds your valid UAE residence visa.
  • Once you completed your change of status you will NOT be able to travel outside of the UAE until your passport has been stamped with your residency visa.
  • If you have visited Kish, Queshm or Iran at any time within the last 6 months, you will have to wait 6 months from the date of your departure from Kish, Queshm or Iran before you can apply for your UAE residency visa.
  • If you are currently in the country on a tourist visa, your employment visa won’t be issued in-country, you will have to exit the country and wait for your employment visa to be issued and then re-enter the country on that visa to complete your change of status.
  • If the application for your entry visa is rejected as a result of not clearing ‘security approval’, you will be ineligible to apply for and secure a tourist visa in the future. This does not apply to nationals of the 48 countries who are granted visas on arrival.
  • If you have overstayed on your current UAE visa (visit visa, visa on arrival or cancelled residence visa); you will need to exit the country in order for your new entry visa to be issued, your new entry visa will not be issued in country.
  • Hand-written passports are not accepted; all passport copies submitted should be electronic/typed passports.
  • Passports bearing only your first name and no surname won’t be accepted.
  • In order to be a shareholder or person in charge of a company or apply for visas (both for the entry visa and when the passport is submitted for residency stamping) your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months. Furthermore you should hold a standard/normal passport, travel documents are not permitted nor are ‘non-commercial’ passports.
  • Please contact us for the requirements and a list of the permitted nationalities that are able to apply for visas as ‘housemaids’.
  • The passports of all non-shareholders will need to be deposited in AFZ once every 4 months for at least 3 working days. Failure to submit the passport will incur a fine of AED 100 per month until the passport is submitted.
  • Restrictions currently exist for passport holders from the following countries to obtain employment/investor visas on the company (they can however still obtain visas as spouses or children): Bangladesh, Iran (also to act as company shareholder) and Israel (also to act as a company shareholder).
  • In order to secure a customs code (import/export code), the Manager on the License must have a valid UAE residency visa.
  • If your place of birth is Iran or Israel but carry a passport from a different country, you can apply for an employment/investor visa however will be subject to visa pre-approval.
  • If your place of birth and/or nationality on your passport is from any of the following countries you will be required to carry out a visa pre-approval: Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine, Ethiopia, Egypt, Nigerian, Somalia, and Yemen. Please contact us for up to date information as the list can become subject to change without prior notice.
  • For Pakistani and Afghani nationals, you will need to collect your Medical Result in Person. Prior to collecting your Medical Result, you will be required to take a Vaccination for Polio.
  • If you require visa pre-approval you will need to submit an attested university degree and also take a physical office in Ajman Free Zone, furthermore if you are a Kenyan national you will need to be over 30 and provide a letter from the Kenyan Consulate stating you are a business person.
  • The timeframe as to the issuance of your Emirates ID Card is not something we have control over and cannot be expedited by us - it is at the discretion of the Emirates ID Authority. The current timeframe for the issuance of Emirates ID Cards is 10 to 15 working days after your residency visa has been issued.
  • We hold no responsibility for the issuance or delivery or delays related to Emirates ID Cards, or if the applicant is requested by the Emirates ID Card Authority to return to the ID Card center to redo the bio data procedure.
  • Please note that if you have never held a previous driving license in the UAE, you will need to visit Ajman to either transfer your overseas driving license (if applicable) or take your driving lessons and test.
  • The words ‘Gas’, ‘Oil’, ‘Group’, ‘Capital’, ‘Medical’ or ‘Limited’ are not permitted as part of the Company Name, nor are the names of Cities or Countries. Furthermore, numerical characters are also not permitted to be as part of the company name i.e. ‘1 FZE’ is not allowed however ‘One FZE’ is allowed. In cases you would like to use initials in the company name ‘ABC FZE’ is not allowed however ‘A.B.C. FZE’ is allowed.
  • Whilst AFZ accommodate a wide range of business activities, similar to what is offered by Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), however certain activities aren’t permitted i.e. “Commercial Brokers”, “Insurance Brokers” and “Tobacco Trading”, please contact us for an up to date list as the list can become subject to change without notice.
  • You will NOT be able to subscribe to online payment portals and/or online payment gateways under an Ajman Free Zone Commercial Trading License or General Trading license - please contact us for further details.
  • It is mandatory that all General Trading and Commercial Trading Licenses bear the following suffix for the company name: ‘Traders’ or ‘International’ or ‘Trading’ or ‘Global’.

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